Porsche will make a mini-Cayenne

Porsche will make a mini-Cayenne The machine which produces Porsche, anyone once again no need to explain. It is not only sports, but sports utility vehicles, and should soon appear Panamera sedan. Now Porsche intends to fill up the model number of the new mid-size luxury crossover, smaller in size than the Cayenne.The machine should become a competitor to the BMW X3. Many of the components in order to reduce the cost of production - new crossover will share with the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan and Audi Q5, and the platform will be inherited from the Cayenne, including new engines V6 and V8.Most likely, the new mid-size crossover SUV from Porsche will be the best in this segment, but does not lose if so, the Stuttgart company their individuality and exclusivity?CarClub.ru30.03.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

Ford was forced to pay customs duties

Ford was forced to pay customs duties The Federal customs service of Russia (FCS) has accused the Russian plant of Ford, located in Vsevolozhsk, in default of the terms of the investment agreement with the Ministry of economic development, and deprived him of the customs free import of components for vehicle Assembly. As a result of this conflict, the company was forced to stop the pipeline, which resulted in a backlog from the production plan by 1.5 thousand cars. In addition, 16 June - the time when the plant was deprived of the benefits payable Ford before customs officials reached 400 million rubles.Meanwhile, according to representatives of the Russian representative office of the company Ford, any notifications of debt to the Federal customs service they had received. According to them, the plant in Vsevolozhsk at the moment already has the required level of localization of production of 40 percent, which is confirmed by the Russian government quota for duty-free vehicle production from may 18, 2006 under the number "725-R".The problem in this case lies only in the fact that since late may, the customs changed the order confirmation indicator localization. Therefore, the leadership of Ford in Russia decided to pay customs duties until until you have prepared all the necessary documents. After which automobile company intends to return the money spent on the basis of current legislation.Recall that in the framework of the investment agreement between Ford and the Ministry of economic development, American concern obliged by 2007 to increase the level of localization of production up to 50 percent, and in 2006, this figure is expected to reach 40 percent. Читать полностью -->

The concept of the Volkswagen up!" grew up "Space-up!"

The concept of the Volkswagen up!At the Tokyo motor show, Volkswagen presented the second version of the concept up! which has increased in size, received a four-door sedan and was called Space-up!.First up! was presented at the Frankfurt motor show in September this year. Segmentary Space-up! received increased wheelbase (2,56 m), its length is increased to 3 m 68 cm, 23 cm more than the two-door version. In addition, Space-up! was four centimetres higher, and its width is 1 meter 63 centimeters.Inside concept can fit four passengers. The rear seats can easily be transformed from "adults" in "baby" and added, increasing the volume of the Luggage compartment from 220 to 1005 litres. It is likely that later there will be another version with six doors.Inside Space-up! - 8-inch monitor, built into the dashboard, which displays information about the current speed, remaining fuel, mileage and emissions. In the center console mounted 7-inch touchscreen display with three-dimensional graphics - and through him, the driver can control most functions of the vehicle including the navigation, telephone and radio. Читать полностью -->

Japanese cars will switch from gasoline to diesel

Japanese cars will switch from gasoline to dieselHonda will install on the model Accord diesel four-cylinder and engine displacement of 2.2 liters. If this version of the car will be available from millet, Acura also will be equipped with diesel by 2010.Perhaps the next generation RL will get a diesel V6. Most likely, the Japanese car will compete with the Mercedes E-class and BMW five series, writes Autoblog Green.auto.utro.ru09.08.2007. . . . Читать полностью -->

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