Yuri Luzhkov offers drivers take on small cars - the

Yuri Luzhkov offers drivers take on small cars - theLast last press conference, the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov suggested that all capital drivers take on small cars, which in his opinion will greatly improve the traffic situation on the streets of Moscow. `The use of small machines is very useful and convenient. The use of mini-cars twice reduces the load on the road, so I think it is very important to use to get such small machines`, Luzhkov said, speaking at a press conference.Another possible method of unloading the capital's streets - construction of highways over rail lines. Discussions are underway between the Moscow authorities and representatives of RZD, and if they agree, will soon begin construction of a test section of such a highway.auto.km.ru11.12.2006. . . Читать полностью -->

Hummer H2 now and convertible

Hummer H2 now and convertibleMillionaires from the United Arab Emirates do not get tired to surprise the whole world with his passion for ornate luxury. After chromed Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG came the turn of the H2 Hummer which made convertible. The car boasts a 7-seats trimmed in red leather.Interestingly, the cabriolet was presented near a luxury hotel worth more than $ 3 billion, where the cheapest room is $ 400 per day, and the most expensive will cost 11 $ 500.carpark.ru03.02.2009. . . . Читать полностью -->

Innovative hybrid Saab BioPower

Innovative hybrid Saab BioPowerAn illustrative embodiment of the recent developments of Swedish automaker Saab in the field of hybrid technology - the concept Saab BioPower Hybrid. It premiered at the auto show in Detroit. A unique concept is based on the platform of the Saab 9-3 convertible and is the first car with a hybrid propulsion system that combines an engine capable of running on bio-ethanol and motor.2-liter BioPower turbo engine develops power 260 HP and 148 kW give three independent electric motor. Rear-wheel drive hybrid Saab reaches a speed of 100 km/h time of 6.8 seconds, compared with 9.5 sec., required similar to the 210-horsepower gasoline engine with automatic transmission. At speeds less than 50 km/h and Zero Mode turns off the engine, and the car uses only electricity. This switch reflects the lights on the instrument panel. Читать полностью -->

AVTOVAZ will show chassis layouts of electric vehicles at the festival `Mini car`

AVTOVAZ will show chassis layouts of electric vehicles at the festival `Mini car` AVTOVAZ plans to show a number of promising developments at the international festival `Mini car`, which will be held from 27 to 31 may in Moscow. The visitors will be presented hatchback and wagon LADA KALINA and LADA KALINA SPORT, the press centre of the company. In addition, you will see the demo-way models of electric vehicles or very small class. Work on the creation of the transfer on the basis of the `Oka` started at AVTOVAZ late 80-ies. Microwaveability `Dwarf` from metal and plastic, with a total length of less than three meters, was established on the shortened `platform` `Oka` using the same units, just over one year. Then, in the early 90-ies was born the younger brother of `Dwarf` - `Elf`. Читать полностью -->

Future Bugatti depends on the Porsche?

Future Bugatti depends on the Porsche?Bugatti built the fastest production car in the world, the Veyron remains the most unprofitable daughter of the global auto giant Volkswagen. Every year the German Corporation "pulls" to maintain the brand afloat millions of dollars, but the French brand unexpectedly could be in trouble.The thing is that the main shareholder in VW, Porsche, headed by Vendelin Wedeking plans to reduce appropriations for Bugatti, Porsche and never liked the amount allocated bosses Volkswagen funds for this subsidiary, and now, when the German company increased its stake in the concern of almost 30% she actively began to Flex their muscles. Sale Bugatti, also not advisable, because the cost of a huge company, and the income is not planned even in the near future, making its market attractiveness is highly questionable.In the beginning of the month in the press, there were rumors that Bugatti is planning to release the Roadster costs about $200 thousand, as well as the sedan with the power plant from the same Veyron. But if it happened it could cause great harm to other luxury companies (Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bentley is owned by VW. So the rumors about the release of new Bugatti models quickly stopped, it is likely that this decision was influenced by the recent increase in the share of Porsche VW, recall that Porsche owns almost 30% share of the global auto giant.While we do not know exactly what are the plans of Mr. Wedeking relatively Bugatti, but can assume that the boss Porsche wants to make the Bugatti manufacturer of the highest class, which will produce the cars cost about $4 million, which is $3.5 million more than the current price of the Bugatti Veyron.oneauto.ruon 25.11.2006. Читать полностью -->

Ford predicts the decrease of the Russian car market twice

Ford predicts the decrease of the Russian car market twice This year, the demand for new cars in Russia could be reduced by 50 percent. This prediction in an interview with Bloomberg made the President of the Russian branch of Ford Nigel Brackenbury (Nigel Brackenbury). "Everything points to the fact that even now the demand continues to fall," he added Brackenbury.At the same time, other automakers Volkswagen and Toyota is forecasting that sales of new cars in the Russian market due to increasing interest rates on loans of more than 20 percent will be reduced only by one third. The automobile manufacturers Committee of the Association of European businesses (AEB), in turn, in its report suggested that the implementation of cars in Russia this year will fall by 19 percent.Recall that in the first two months of the current year, compared with January-February of 2008, sales of new cars in Russia fell by 36 percent to 252 314 thousand machines. As suggested by some experts, the demand for cars in the coming months will continue to fall, and prices will continue to increase. This is caused by the ruble devaluation and the increase in customs duties on imports into Russia new cars.auto.lenta.ru17.03.2009. Читать полностью -->

Citroen changes completely

Citroen changes completely Following the announcement of a resurgent models DS, French automaker Citroen completely changes the visual identification. First thing I did was changed the company's logo, two brand Chevron became more voluminous, and even the name Citroen changed the font.In the development strategy plan Citroen until 2013 also include the renovation of all of the dealerships, in accordance with the new requirements, the production of new models every six months, and the start of production models of the DS series, the first of which will be the Citroen DS3. Its world premiere will take place at the motor show in Geneva.These changes mark the 90th anniversary of the company, in a Citroen hoping to start a `new life`, where automakers and dealers will have a bright future with multi-million dollar sales.carpark.ru06.02.2009. . . . Читать полностью -->

Chery A3: the Chinese take the number of

Chery A3: the Chinese take the number ofChery, which is the largest Chinese automaker, has announced the release of its millionth car, becoming the first enterprise in China, has achieved a similar result. By car-the champion was a five-door A3 hatchback, which first appearance in public was held this year at the motor show in Beijing.Chery took six years to produce their first half million cars and only 18 months to cross the one million threshold. This result was a consequence competent marketing company Chinese manufacturer, both on the home market and beyond. Recall that Chery is also an important partner of Chrysler and Fiat.steer.ru24.08.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

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