Fans of retro "raised" Packard 1608

Fans of retro Yekaterinburg fans of retro restored favorite car of presidents and gangsters - Packard 1608 1938 issue.This car was destroyed, along with several other rare models in 2000 as a result of a fire in the house, which was previously the club. From legendary auto left only the frame and the metal suspension parts. Fire had destroyed the body, burned rubber, wooden and leather parts, damaged the engine.To restore the machine helped by the fact that one of the Ekaterinburg collectors is also a member of the Packard club".More than four years left on correspondence with the admirers of this brand, finding and buying the missing parts and auto parts. Then the charred frame of the machine taken in Belgium in restoration workshops. Restoration work lasted three years. Today, the legendary car is again in Yekaterinburg.According to experts, Packard 1608 is a gem in the collection of FC Aviaretro". Five-passenger vehicle is equipped with a 12-cylinder V-shaped engine with a capacity of 7 liters, capable of speeds up to 150 km/h.In the beginning of the last century it was sold at fantastically high price - $5800 and surpassed the company's products Cadillac technical indicators and level of comfort. That is why Packard 1608 was a sign of high social status. In the U.S. they went presidents, such as Franklin Roosevelt, bankers, movie stars and gangsters. Among the owners was also Joseph

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