Fiat Panda swam across the English channel

Fiat Panda swam across the English channel Italian designer Maurizio Zanisi (Maurizio Zanisi) for 6 hours crossed the English channel on:your car. Fiat Panda was remade in amphibian and swam from England to France, according to Auto.Lenta.Ru.Now Sanity expects to get in his car to his native Italy. To make Fiat Panda swim, Sanity equipped with inflatable podosome to keep the vehicle afloat. In addition, the unique Fiat Panda is able to take up water and then throw it under pressure, which allows the car to `go` on the water.Crossing the English channel became the main challenge for amphibians Fiat Panda. Before this car successfully crossed the lake in Italy and even tried to swim across the Mediterranean sea. Your car Italian designer evaluates 100 thousand dollars.avtorinok.ru25.07.2006.

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