In 2009, the British would launch a 700-strong electric car - Hire

In 2009, the British would launch a 700-strong electric car - HireThe British company Lightning Car on Thursday announced its intention next year to start serial production of the 700-strong electric car, dubbed the GT site reports to representatives of Lightning Car body new items are planned to be made from carbon fiber and Kevlar, the designer was able to achieve the weight of the machine axes in the proportions of 48:52. The vehicle will be driven by located in the four wheels of the motor, the capacity of each of which is more than 120 kilowatts. The electric motors are powered by a special NanoSafe lithium batteries, can be recharged thanks to the system of energy recovery during braking. The British company said that the Lightning GT will be possible to drive more than 400 miles, charge the batteries within just ten minutes.It is expected that the serial electric Lightning GT can accelerate from zero to 96 kilometres per hour in four seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour.Currently, the company has already started taking orders for this car with the first installment in the amount of 15 thousand pounds sterling (about 30 thousand US dollars).auto.lenta.ru07.03.2008.

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