What Infiniti will be on the Russian market

What Infiniti will be on the Russian market At the first stage in the salons of official dealers will get a stylish four-wheel drive cross-over Infiniti FX, has already gained popularity among Russian buyers. The car will be supplied with engine capacity of 3.5 (280 HP) and 4.5 liters (328 HP). Infiniti FX has a distinctive expressive design, capacity, functionality and technical innovation.In addition, the market will be officially presented luxury sports sedan of business class, Infiniti M engine capacity of 3.5 and 4.5 liters (capacity 280 and 335 HP, respectively). Model Infiniti M engine 3.5 liter is also available in full-drive version. Infiniti M - sport sedan, which is the embodiment of high technology, engineering excellence and modern design.At a later stage in the Russian market will also see a new model - Infiniti G35 2007, the production version of which was first shown at the International motor show in new York in April 2006. The new G35 is sophisticated, elegant, yet powerful car with a sporty character, created for the driver. This car, designed to awaken the strongest emotions.Start of sales of this model in the Russian market is expected in the spring of 2007.In the future, the company plans to gradually expand the model range for the Russian market. Detailed information on models, specifications and prices will be announced before the start of sales.As previously reported, the decision to withdraw the luxury Infiniti brand on the world stage was made in 2004. The world debut of the Infiniti and turn it into one of the leaders in the luxury segment of the market in different countries around the world is one of `breakthroughs` new three-year business plan, Nissan Value-up, promulgated by Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of the company `Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.` in April 2005.Since its inception in 1989, the Infiniti brand was officially launched only in the US market. During this time, the Infiniti brand has become synonymous with dynamic, modern, expressive, not like other high-tech cars and new higher level of service.His success on the American market showed that this brand will be able to gain popularity on the world stage, among the luxury brands. The brand has been officially launched in the markets of Taiwan, Korea and Middle East countries. In the autumn of 2006 Infiniti brand will be officially withdrawn on the Russian market and, later, China. At the same time, Russia will become the first European country where the Infiniti brand will be officially presented.The company " Nissan Motor RUS` has already signed an agreement of intent with three candidates for Infiniti dealership in Russia: two companies in Moscow (`censer` and `auto center on Voykovskaya`) and one company in St. Petersburg (the company `AutoProtect`).WHEELS22.04.2006.

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