The head of VW want to dismiss

The head of VW want to dismiss Chairman of the Board of Directors Volkvagen Ferdinand pikh (Ferdinand Piech) predicts impending resignation of CEO Bernd Pisetzner (Bernd Pischetsrieder), according to According to Piha, on the resignation of Pisetzner insist unions, with half of the votes in the Board of Directors. The chair supports Pisetzner.Dissatisfaction with the trade unions caused by the desire of Pisetzner to cut jobs at factories in Europe and to move production to countries with cheaper labor. In addition, opponents of Pisetzner can't think of the failure of some projects, which he inherited from the previous head of the company - the Ferdinand Piha. It is first and foremost about Executive sedan Phaeton, which never gained popularity among affluent consumers.The resignation of Pisetzner may affect the Volkswagen plans to build a factory in Russia. Earlier it was reported that the German automaker intends to start production of its cars in the Moscow region, but the new management of the company may waive these intentions.Bernd pikeside served as head of Volkswagen since 2002. The meeting of the Board of Directors, which may be made the decision on his resignation, will be held in April of this year.The ribbon.ru04.02.2006.

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