Porsche will make a small hatchback

Porsche will make a small hatchbackAt the moment the company Porsche is one of the most successful in the automotive industry. The production of cars under this brand is constantly growing, and the future demand for Porsche will be more. At least, the leadership of this company is not going to stop there and is preparing to release new models. So, after a few years the market will be a 4-door Porsche Panamera, mid-size crossover (presumably, it will be called Roxster, and he will stand on the step below Cayenne) and even small hatchback.The last car will compete with such models as the Audi S3 and `charged` versions of the BMW 1-series. It is expected that this car will get horizontal engines with a volume of 2.8 to 3.5 liters, which will give 200-300 HPThe new hatchback Porsche will cost about 45-50 thousand euros. The amount, of course, great, but here it is worth remembering that now on the Russian market BMW 130i sell more than 40 thousand euros.mail.ru02.06.2007.

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