The Apple of discord landed in the car

The Apple of discord landed in the car Unusual for a quiet German cities the scene played itself out on one of the streets of Mannheim. 40-year-old woman, walking down the street, it is unclear why, launched in the direction of the passing cars by Apple. Whether the lady was angry at the world, whether the fruit was tasteless, this science is unknown, but the shot turned out pretty good. The impact of Apple on the hood was a 42-year-old woman driver so unexpected, that she almost lost control. Still cope with the situation, she stopped and demanded that `matternity` explanations. But instead of an apology he heard in his insults. Started verbal sparring, which almost turned into a fight. To separate desperate sparsit helped accidentally passing police patrol, which drew a loud female shouts and obscene curses.avtonews.ru16.08.2005.

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