Continental is on the brink of

Continental is on the brink ofThe crisis has dealt a crushing blow to the tire manufacturer, components and electronics Continental AG. As reported in published financial report of the company for 2008, the Continental loss over the past year amounted to € 1.12 billion (over $1.4 billion). A year earlier, i.e. by the end of 2007, the manufacturer made a profit in the amount of € 1.02 billion (almost $1.3 billion).According to experts, the threat of bankruptcy has never been so real to Continental. The main shareholder of the company - family Scheffler - have already declared that they are ready to sell its stake in Continental, to save from bankruptcy itself and the manufacturer. The only real contender is still French Michelin tire concern. Already refused to take part in the fate of Continental Italian Pirelli and state investment company Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Investment Company. Call family Scheffler to the German government with a request for financial support has not yet received a reply.A decision on further actions of the Continental Board of Directors of the company must adopt at the next meeting, which will take place in early

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