Caterham 2R able to drive 100 kilometers to two liters of fuel

Caterham 2R able to drive 100 kilometers to two liters of fuel Car Caterham 2R now rightly regarded as not only one of the fastest in the world, but also one of the most economical. In the framework of the Shell eco-marathon", slightly modified British car able to drive two liters of fuel over a hundred kilometers. Moreover, of all participants of the competition, only this machine was built on the basis of the production model and used the base 120-horsepower 1.6-liter petrol engine Rover K Series.To achieve such efficiencies specialists Caterham managed through the company's Axon Automotive, made for car ultra-light carbon-fibre monocoque with sophisticated aerodynamics. From the basic model, this machine was also a lightweight seat and special tires with low rolling resistance. Finally, the pilot Caterham during the race used a special technique of driving, allowing you to maximize every drop of fuel.Recall also that an annual competition Shell Eco-Marathon is held for any cars that meet certain requirements to their safety, as well as using any type of fuel - gasoline, diesel or hydrogen. In scoring the performance of each participant gets an average fuel consumption after 40 minutes total mileage and the seven laps of a race track with a minimum speed of 24 kilometers per hour.The ribbon.ru28.07.2006.

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