The flying machine will give owners a hassle

The flying machine will give owners a hassle The world's first flying car Terrafugia Transition successfully tested. The manufacturer certifies that the miracle machine is ready massively to conquer the roads and skies in 2011. Recall that the Transition may travel along the ground and fly through the air - the transformation from car to plane and back passes quickly and safely.However, potential owners flying machine waits a few unpleasant surprises. Firstly, the normal driver's license for Transition management is not enough. If you are going to buy an unusual novelty, will have to take special courses and get a certificate, sport pilot. Even if you are not going to rise to Transition into the sky, you will be obliged to become a pilot, otherwise flying car you can't see.And the second trouble - ordinary insurance does not cover the risks associated with flying. So, the insurance companies will have to develop specifically for the Terrafugia Transition is a new type of product, because the existing insurance for aircraft not cover damage from

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