The head of the Russian Volkswagen may leave his post - Hire

The head of the Russian Volkswagen may leave his post - HireThe head of the Russian division of Volkswagen (Volkswagen group Rus") Oscar Akhmedov may to the end of the year to leave his post, the newspaper "Kommersant" citing "several participants in the market".Akhmedov - only Russian, managing the office of a major automaker in the country. The leaders of the Russian subsidiaries of the other car companies are foreigners. Akhmedov was appointed to his post, once headed by Audi brand consistently been the leader in its segment in sales growth. It was expected that Akhmedov will also effectively increase the popularity of the brands Volkswagen and Skoda in anticipation of the opening near Kaluga Assembly plant VW.According to "Kommersant", Akhmedov himself decided to withdraw from Volkswagen. And this is due to the fact that he was unable to convince automakers to reduce the retail price of the machine. About the care Manager will likely be announced in December this year. And the handover will take place at the beginning, the newspaper said.Akhmedov about his possible dismissal said that "as of today the resignation did not write". "If I decide to leave VW, then the market about this immediately know," said he, "Kommersant".auto.lenta.ru19.11.2007.

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