As in Russia, stealing cars?

As in Russia, stealing cars?In June 1896 the first car in Russia was presented to Nicholas II at the Nizhny Novgorod fair, after which the car was stolen. This is the first but certainly not the last case of car theft. What is happening now with auto theft in the world and Russia does not give the correct definition.Steal any carThe most common way of penetration into the machine - turning door locks and ignition locks. Use duplicate keys: if the owner of the car somewhere left your key, a duplicate can be done in just a couple of minutes. In principle, if you really want, you can steal any car. Until the release of the owner from his car.Who steals a car?In Moscow there is a specialized professional groups that have five or six tanks, garages, where stolen cars. Debugged and channels of distribution, and clearance documents.If you make a portrait of the thief, we can say that the age of professionals 25-30 years, and they usually ride on good machines, dress well, are in a casino, some have higher education, and sometimes not one. In General, these people before you steal a car, all thought. Among the hijackers professionals rarely addicts.We could divide the hijackers as follows:teenagers, drug addicts - stealing cars, sometimes after a day out, just throw a stolen vehicle;young people 20-25 years - stealing good cars or Japanese cars either to return or to parse;specialists 30 years of age and older stealing expensive cars, usually under the order.There is a well established chain of the shadow economy, where the ordered car will produce not only the desired brand or preservation, but also shades of color. Professional thieves are carefully organize their activities, insure each other and clearly allocate criminal role. If we consider that in their hands the most complicated techniques (including protivospalitionoe), constant practice, bribes, and a variety of techniques (the right machine in the end can simply take on the machine technical assistance), it is necessary to recognize that self-defense in this situation is very difficult.Offenders recognised that the theft system is tracking the host machine (the daily schedule, disable alarm and possible autodidacta), training operations with the distribution of roles (including the ability to delay the host machine), the choice of time and place - very often during the day and in the most public place.And yet most of thefts carried out by Amateurs, and if you protect your car even from them, the likelihood of theft will decrease significantly. Additionally, not every machine needs a skilled thieves: special interest are the new "six", "eight", "nine" and foreign cars, so if you do not have such a machine, there is a chance even simple protection to prevent theft.Against alarm uses several techniques. Thieves can make a "war of nerves", swinging it at night a car while the owner himself will not disable the system, thinking that it broke. More often you use fast hands burst into the cabin, he immediately opened the hood and remove one of the battery's terminals. There and their "masters" who specialize in removing alarms, within seconds they can do their job, especially if the car owner on the glass left a branded badge with the name.To get into the car, according to Russian police, thieves prefer picking up the keys, by releasing or removing the glass, and then simply pushed the unlocked door. Remove usually the rear window, press down the glass doors, and push - vents, pre-heating to the desired point of its constipation.Start the car, connecting the terminals on the ignition switch, usually the simplest case, of course, if the steering wheel is not locked. If it's locked, thieves break the latch.As in many other extreme situations, almost half of the cases "cause the theft itself" themselves motorists: forgetting to close the door, window, or leaving the keys in the ignition. To "provocative behavior" motorist can be attributed in the habit of leaving in the car, bags, rolls, things (often just bought or brought for sale), expensive electronics. So if you can't, coming briefly out of the car, remove things in the trunk, then at least cover (deliberate carelessness) their newspaper or an old rug.It is very important from the point of view of safety of the machine where it is parked. Of course, stolen from the garage occur less frequently than with street or courtyard - according to statistics, the approximate ratio of one case to four, and from cooperative garage to steal in average two times less than that of detached garages or sheds.If you have to leave your car on the street or in the yard, you should prefer the most lit area. Don't get confused by it will be a lot of people are much more dangerous than some dark corner, where specially to your car will be forwarded to the attacker.It is also better to avoid large and poorly lit Parking lots. One of the British institutions, investigating the safety of women, rightly notes: "If you put the car in the Parking lot in the daytime, but are going to stay (or to work) close late, think about what will constitute this place after dark".Do not leave your car next to the cinema, swimming pool, a theatre, where you come from. The hijacker can easily calculate how many time, and will not fail this time to take advantage of, so the car is better to drive a little to the side.Among the remedies cars in the Parking lot can be called the neighborhood assistance when, first, motorists immediately stop the attack on someone else's car, blocking the exit from the yard, calling the police, calling on the help of neighbors, and secondly, making turns to night shifts or hiring in your home for a small fee tenant suffering from insomnia, to follow the court and, if necessary, to raise the phone alarm. Greatly complicate the theft light garages type "shell" or "bread". However, if you are going to buy this cover, it should be borne in mind that the installation of an awning-garage should be agreed with the local authorities, authorized by the Department of underground structures, fire protection, etc.If you value your car, it must be installed alarm (experienced people recommend two). The choice is individual special work. You must proceed to and from their funds, and the requirements of it. Will this radiozero or a simple circuit that responds to changes in the electrical system, it is important to consider how it will disconnect.For example, some devices are switched out from the inside, instead of tumblers use a connector that can be the key from every machine. Install a hidden switch, of course, depends on the imagination of the owner, but it must be remembered that the hijacker is most likely not too lazy to look for the manipulation of the driver.Every year there are new antigonia system, including centralized, associated with the police and traffic police stations, such as "Search", and KORZ (complex operational search and arrest). They convey information about yourself and block the movement of the hijackers. Other systems involve several reactions vehicle: motor stalls, turn on the alarm, locked the door and so onChoose autostorage need only to consult with a specialist (not a dealer), and it is advisable to buy a system that has been tested with your friends or by independent experts. Once again let me remind you that you cannot stick brand label with the name of the alarm, not to simplify the hijacker problem.If to summarize the bitter experience of motorists and recommendations of the traffic police, you can make a whole list of anti-theft features:develop unconditional reflex: out of the car even for a second, remove the ignition key;to memorize the mandatory ritual of closing machines: keys, doors, Windows, alarm, trunk, hood, look in the salon;on the fuel line to fit the countersunk valve, which will overlap in the Parking lot the supply of fuel to the carburetor;apply to glass marking of the license plate of the machine or causing the transparent self-adhesive tape cobweb, to glue it from the inside, giving the glass the appearance of the broken (and finished tape, simulating, for example, bullet holes);new car seldom wash, let it looks old, the alarm is not to hide, he should know that he will have to mess around with and maybe it will force him to choose another machine; at the same time open to put a hidden alarm;to put the locking device on the steering wheel and pedals;to shoot at night cover of the distributor or the Central wire that connects the coil of the high voltage from the slider of the distributor;if the machine you're not going to use it for a long time, drain the gas, remove the battery and wheels; cover with plastic; regularly sweep the snow to the car was not taken for abandoned and does not become disassembled;to put on the wheel bolts (at least one) non-standard ("secret") heads - rotating, eccentric, and so on;to alter the locks in the rear doors so that they open only from the inside; to make the rudder removable and carry away;the "Lada" (1 through 7 model) to remove the wipers motor cable, which opens the hood (the battery will be any safer).There are also more exotic remedies against thieves; stun Mat on the driver seat (power - 40 kW), electrolima piece in salon and even mining where the thief gets a severe foot injury. By the way, in the 70-ies of the one suffering from theft Moscow car owners so mined my car that the thief after another attempt died.The ribbon.ru03.07.2006.

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