The Nissan problems with vans and trucks

The Nissan problems with vans and trucks The second-largest Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. announced a recall on the local market of their vans and trucks. However, as stated by the official representative of Nissan Mihoko Takeda, some of the revoked vehicles could be sold outside Japan, according to (C) Associated Press.2 166 thousand vans model Civilian collected in the period from 6 September 2004. on 28 August 2006. Must go hunt campaign check `loose bolts in the frame of the machine`. In addition, the revocation shall be 112 minibus Journey, released under the Isuzu brand. They are Nissan and identical to the Civilian model, however, is distributed by Isuzu.Nissan recalls 96 trucks Atlas, released from the conveyor in March-April 2006. because of the problems with automatic doors. The possibility of spontaneous opening and closing.avtomarket23.09.2006.

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