Chang'an will introduce 30 new cars and 12 engines

Chang'an will introduce 30 new cars and 12 engines Chinese automaker Chang'an Automobile Co. until 2010 is going to launch 30 new models of cars and 12 new engines. According to the site Gasgoo with reference to the Xinhua news Agency (Xinhua), all new items and power units - own the development of Chang'an.According to the head of the Chinese company Xu lupine (Xu Liuping), engineers Chang'an has developed seven different platforms for sedans, five for small machines and three different types of cylinder blocks.For the production of new models planned to invest more than one billion yuan (about 149 million US dollars) to increase the capacity of the plant for the production of vehicles with a body type sedan up to 400 thousand a year. This money will be spent on construction of a new production facility for the production of motors.The story of Chang'an began in 1958, when the company started production in China car Changjiang # 46, which is a copy of a Jeep CJ5. In 1990, Chang'an received from Suzuki license for the production of model Alto, which was renamed in SC7080. Since then, the Chinese automaker began to produce cars, and now also works with

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