Nanjing will produce MG TF in the UK - the

Nanjing will produce MG TF in the UK - theThe Chinese company Nanjing Automobile Group remains confident in the fact that the Assembly of the TF Roadster and several other new models MG brand will be launched in the UK. On Wednesday says the magazine "What Car?".Information about the closure of the project to resume production of the Roadster MG TF at the plant in Longbridge (Longbridge, Velikobritaniya) appeared after the supplier of body panels Stadco broke a contract with Nanjing, which owns British brand. Some analysts have suggested that the role of the English body of the company is so great, that without it, the project is doomed.The British division of the Chinese company - NAC MG - officially stated that the rupture of relations with Stadco will not affect the running of the plant. "The initial production of the TF Roadster too small to Stadco received from them profit. This contract them unprofitable," he said in NAC MG.Nanjing is not going to abandon their plans. New car Assembly line of MG have already been built in China, the first time body panels for TF will be transported to the United Kingdom. However, NAC MG continues to assert that after the factory in Longbridge will reach its design capacity of the body for the Roadster will be produced in the UK. Who exactly will be their produce is unknown.In 2005, the Nanjing Automobile Group rented a large part of the production line of the British factory for 33 years, where last spring, had planned to start production of the model TF2. Several roadsters second generation proizvedennykh in China, presented to the press in may 2007. Then the body has produced the English firm

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