In Russia could conduct an environmental tax on vehicles

In Russia could conduct an environmental tax on vehicles Russian officials, apparently, prepared a new surprise for Russian motorists. According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" has generated proposals to the government on the introduction of "environmental tax". Specifically, road tax, which is scheduled to differentiate between "environmental class" cars.Here it is worth Recalling that for the first time about the emergence of ecological class of vehicle it came immediately after the entry into force of the new technical regulations and environmental standards "Euro-2". Then the head of Rosstandart Grigory Elkin said logical continuation of the new requirements will be the appearance in the documents on each car new graphs, which will be information about its compliance with certain environmental class. Then, on the basis of these data, it will be possible to differentiate the tax rate on the machine."If you ride environmentally "dirty" car, you pay a lot of money," said Elkin in his interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". According to him, this practice has long been in many developed countries of the world.However, the head pattern is also noted that the introduction of new taxes is beyond the powers of his Agency, therefore, to comment on the rumors about the upcoming innovation he can't.The ribbon.ru10.06.2006.

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