Ford was forced to pay customs duties

Ford was forced to pay customs duties The Federal customs service of Russia (FCS) has accused the Russian plant of Ford, located in Vsevolozhsk, in default of the terms of the investment agreement with the Ministry of economic development, and deprived him of the customs free import of components for vehicle Assembly. As a result of this conflict, the company was forced to stop the pipeline, which resulted in a backlog from the production plan by 1.5 thousand cars. In addition, 16 June - the time when the plant was deprived of the benefits payable Ford before customs officials reached 400 million rubles.Meanwhile, according to representatives of the Russian representative office of the company Ford, any notifications of debt to the Federal customs service they had received. According to them, the plant in Vsevolozhsk at the moment already has the required level of localization of production of 40 percent, which is confirmed by the Russian government quota for duty-free vehicle production from may 18, 2006 under the number "725-R".The problem in this case lies only in the fact that since late may, the customs changed the order confirmation indicator localization. Therefore, the leadership of Ford in Russia decided to pay customs duties until until you have prepared all the necessary documents. After which automobile company intends to return the money spent on the basis of current legislation.Recall that in the framework of the investment agreement between Ford and the Ministry of economic development, American concern obliged by 2007 to increase the level of localization of production up to 50 percent, and in 2006, this figure is expected to reach 40 percent. However, the parties are no longer able to come to a consensus about how to assess the level of localization. Now, according to the customs warehouse regime, it is calculated based on the cost of production of cars. Therefore, in the calculation are costs of concern to staff salaries, energy and land rent.In order to avoid such conflicts in the future of the Russian factory Ford plans already in August this year to sign with the Ministry of economic development of the agreement on industrial Assembly, under which the group will be several other obligations.The ribbon.ru21.06.2006.

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