Hymer wants to create in Russia the production of caravans - Vehicles

Hymer wants to create in Russia the production of caravans - VehiclesGerman manufacturer of motorhome Hymer AG can open its own production in Russia. This was reported by Hans Baier (Hans Bayer), CEO of ITM GmbH - the official distributor of products Hymer on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, according to the newspaper Vedomosti, citing the Agency "Prime-TASS", the timing and amount of investment in construction until he called.At the same time Bayer explained that the creation of car Assembly plants in Russia is possible only with annual sales in thousands of units. However, in 2007 Hymer AG sold in Russia only 200 motorhomes and caravans, the plans for 2008 - 500 units.Tuesday 1 April in an interview with the magazine Sales Business head of the Russian representative office of Hymer AG Oksana Misnikov noted that the head of the German concern Hans-jГјrgen Borchert talked about the possibility of establishing a Russian production of motor homes in 2007, during his visit to Russia. "I predict that the plant will open in four to five years, not later," said Mrs. Misnikov. "However, without a definitive indicators of the economic feasibility of the plant no building shall be no more.auto.lenta.ru03.04.2008.

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