Hyundai overtook Toyota in quality hire

Hyundai overtook Toyota in quality hireAuthoritative American organization of J. D. Power and Associates released the results of its annual study of the quality of new cars. The best quality and reliable cars in the US sells Porsche, which managed to beat Lexus and Hyundai, who took second and third place respectively. The five leaders of the rating of the complete Toyota and Jaguar.Among the most reliable cars in the USA became the Lexus LS 430 and Porsche Cayman S - the owners of these models were less likely to complain about any problems or malfunctions. In sum, machine brands Lexus and Toyota this year have become leaders in 11 categories from 19. In addition, the company Lexus already the 11th year in a row, get on the list of most reliable cars in the US.However, most of all specialists were surprised third place Korean Hyundai, which last year was ranked 11th place in the overall ranking. This time, five of the brand's models, of the seven sold in America, were in the top three in their categories, and the model Hyundai Tucson and had become the most reliable among compact SUVs.Also of interest are the statistics on the number of problems or faults per 100 cars sold - 102 at Hyundai 106 against Toyota. "This is not surprising," says the head of the North American division of Toyota's Jim Lentz, - "this brand really becomes an increasingly serious player in the market".At the end of the list of reliability were Land Rover, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Hummer and Suzuki. Owners of new cars these brands more often appealed to the dealers because of various problems.lenta.ru09.06.2006.

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