Customs sent under the press 10 new Toyota

Customs sent under the press 10 new ToyotaTen new Toyota cars worth more than 165 000 euros were destroyed by the Federal customs service employees. The reason for the destruction was the statement made in the Central excise customs from OOO "Toyota Motor", which indicated significant mechanical damage data of vehicles.By the standards of company cars could not be restored, so the manufacturer has considered economically feasible to declare the mode of destruction. The destruction of the regime under which foreign goods are destroyed under customs control without payment of customs duties, taxes, and without application to the goods of the prohibitions and restrictions of economic nature, established in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation on the state regulation of foreign trade activity. Destruction of goods is made by the person concerned at his own expense and does not lead to state any costs. In this situation, OOO "Toyota Motor" is the official dealer of Toyota in Russia. The main task of the customs authorities in the application of this mode is the complete destruction of unusable vehicles with the economic inexpediency of his recovery.For the event, a Commission was established, composed of employees of the Central excise customs, representatives of the company OOO "Toyota Motor" and representatives of Rospotrebnadzor and RTN. Cars were destroyed by the mechanical destruction and crushing using the excavator arm and the industrial press according to the concluded contract between LLC "TAKMA" and OOO "Toyota Motor".CarClub.ru18.04.2007.

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