Volkswagen and Pirelli made car - Hire

Volkswagen and Pirelli made car - HireVolkswagen has released a special version of the Golf GTI, which was called the Golf GTI Pirelli. This car made on the occasion of 25 years ago, a similar vehicle, dedicated to the cooperation between Volkswagen and Pirelli. But if the machine sample 1983 had under the hood 112 HP motor, but the current received 230 HP (the engine has a volume of 2.0 liters turbo). In the result, the maximum vehicle speed is 245 km/h and 0-100 km/h is 6.8 seconds.From the standard Golf GTI version of the GTI Pirelli has great tires dimension 225/40, dressed in a stylish 18-inch wheels (tire model P-Zero, which Авто@Mail.Ru already told in the article "Test the new Pirelli - understanding comes at 200 km/hour). In addition, the salon GTI Pirelli has a very rich equipment and a few inserts labeled Pirelli.mail.ru19.05.2007.

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