From "Tin" to Ferrari

From Automobile magazine Automobile Magazine has compiled a list of the `25 best cars in the history of automotive industry`. This list will be included in the September issue of the American magazine and will consist of five categories of vehicles in each category 25 machines that experts of the magazine considered the best. The publication argues that not all may agree with their opinion and according to the chief editor Gavin Conway (Gavin Conway), a list was prepared for readers of many surprises.The first category in the list of Automobile Magazine is a `car driver` (the machine the most technically advanced and convenient for driving). The best in this category is recognized as the Lotus Elan. In the seventies this car was a coupe classic layout with a body made of fiberglass.By then, the body Elan 16 points connected with the thin frame of the machine, was achieved by the high rigidity of the coupe, it was possible to achieve excellent controllability.Since this design is used on all production sports cars Lotus. For the English name in the list of Americans settled: star BMW Motorsport in the eighties is `pocket` sports car BMW E30 M3. Couldn Automobile Magazine not to mention products from Maranello - the Ferrari F430, which owes its superior performance to formula one. Ferrari placed near a competitor to the Porsche 911 2.7 RS, two long-standing opponent at the upcoming motor show will show off their new cars from Ferrari this is the road version of the F430 Challenge Stradale and Porsche 911 GT2. Also in the list of the best cars for driving hit a Volkswagen Golf GTI, this car forced the Germans fitted engines and aerodynamic body kit so that civil `knee socks` he has little in common.The next category Automobile Magazine brings together cars on the principle of innovation introduced in the automotive industry, in due time. So the most revolutionary American journal considered the spread-wheel drive in passenger cars. A pioneer in this field in engineering was the Audi Quattro sample 1980. Next on the list of innovators in the opinion of the experts was the car Karl Benz (1844-1929). Three-wheeled carriage Benz Patent Motorwagen saw the light of 1885. The specialists considered the best Citroen Traction Avant, for contribution to the development peredneprivodnyh cars and people first Ford Model T, more commonly known as `Tin can` Lisi`.And modern cars one of the most innovative experts have called the Bugatti Veyron with 1001-horsepower motor.The fastest cars magazine was divided into the category of supercars and racing cars. Conventional boundary between supercars and racing cars is a great price and more powerful motors in the first place. From the best luxury cars, according to Automobile Magazine, was the first McLaren F1. The experts considered him a leader among rivals such as Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Miura, Porsche Carrera GT, Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, and the Bugatti Veyron. And the best racing cars were named Lotus 49, Porsche 917 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Jaguar D-type, Audi R8 / R10. Unexpected nominee racing class was an old Mini Cooper.The experts took into account his achievements, in 1965 youth idol seventies running Rauno Altona (Rauno Aaltonen won the British rally (RAC).The last category American magazine called `style icon`, it includes cars, which became a symbol of bygone eras. First place went to the Porsche 911, a car and to this day has not lost its retro design. On the second place put the main transport hippie Volkswagen Beetle, his extraordinary appearance became mega of the 60s and 70s. At the same time in England, another legendary CD Mini has the same symbol period. And the America of those days `sick` Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, two competitors belonged to the so-called type `musclecar` light cars with powerful engines, for a long time they were a dream for American youth. Earned the attention of autojournal and `forefather` SUV Willys Jeep CJ, which went down in history not without the help of the Second World war.bisplan.ru13.08.2007.

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