Volkswagen Scirocco went to clubs

Volkswagen Scirocco went to clubs Volkswagen Scirocco became a frequenter of the most popular Moscow clubs. Nightlife lovers can often see bright sport hatchbacks, parked at the door of their favorite establishments. Scirocco got to clubs, circling around the city, stopping at intersections, getting acquainted with the members of the movement and giving your `business card` invitation to test drive.Next weekend on July 10-11 guests clubs `Denis Simachev Bar`, `Propaganda` and `Technology youth` will be able to meet Scirocco closer. Three cars Scirocco - elegant white, causing red and exciting blue - will pass through three popular Moscow clubs. Everyone will be able to sit in the car, to ask any questions on specifications and technical specifications and to get a plastic card for recording on a test drive from the official dealer of Volkswagen.carpark.ru11.07.2009.

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