The new Toyota Prius will be more conservative

The new Toyota Prius will be more conservative Next year sedan Toyota Prius will be the redesign. As the press service of the company, the best selling hybrid in the world will get a new design and improved dynamic performance. Finally with the design of the new Prius, the company is still undecided. Engineers select from three different directions. As expected, eventually Prius will have a conservative appearance, similar to the features of the Hybrid concept X, which was presented at the Geneva motor show this year.Toyota had previously announced its intention to reduce the cost of hybrid models and to improve their quality and safety. It is expected that the Prius 2009 model year will be more economical than the current generation. In addition, experts believe that if gasoline prices will rise in the future, the demand for the Prius will also increase.Рђutonews24.05.2007.

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