VW Golf GTI `unmanned` slalom

VW Golf GTI `unmanned` slalomVolkswagen now holds the unusual tests involving standard Golf GTI with four-cylinder turbo engine power: 200 HPLooking at the car, deftly and with a good speed running slalom around a set chain of cones, it is difficult, almost impossible to believe that driving is no one there.`Piloting` experimental vehicle a fast computer, obeying the program, developed by specialists of the University of Hamburg. Information about the situation around Golf and the obstacles in his way to deliver laser sensors, integrated in the radiator grille.Creating machine, researchers from VW and the University has used the experience gained in experiments with `unmanned` Touareg. As reported on our website, SUV without crew won last year's 200-mile race through the Nevada desert in the US, conducted by the Ministry of defence in this country.Of course, smartly round the cones does not mean the readiness of the control system of the vehicle to the normal traffic with many cars and people. Researchers do not flatter yourself about close prospects to refuse driver - too many factors you need to consider the sensors and the computer to provide at least part of the driving skills of the person. According to experimentary, the solution will take 10 to 20 years. While driverless car is still controlled by the driver as a test - if necessary, you only need to touch the steering wheel or pedals, so that automation is turned off.Source avtorinok.ru05.07.2006.

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