The Ministry of industry and trade has announced the list of preferential cars

The Ministry of industry and trade has announced the list of preferential cars The Ministry of industry and trade reported that he had signed the order setting out the list of vehicles which, if purchased at preferential loans to banks will be provided with subsidies from the Federal budget. The order prepared in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation dated 9 February 2009 ? 139-R. To subsidize the drop-down expenses credit institutions from the Federal budget will be allocated 2 billion. Earlier they were talking about subsidizing cars made in Russia, costing up to 350 thousand rubles. However, officials refused this framework, taking into account the predictions that rates during the year will continue to grow. Thus, the Ministry has established a list of specific models, many of which still fits in the amount of up to 350 thousand rubles. The most striking exception is the VW Jetta collected in Kaluga. Transportation is almost completely finished car from Mexico makes it quite expensive - from 579 203 rubles for cars of 2008.As stated in the order, in the acquisition of passenger cars produced in the territory of the Russian Federation by individuals in credit in 2009, 2010 and 2011, credit institutions will be reimbursed lost income based on 2/3 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The refinancing rate was raised for 2008 6 times and in December reached a level of 13%. This means that approximately 8.6% each car loan for up to three years, will be paid for by the state. This innovation can be considered another step in the government's systematic support for the domestic automotive industry. For the first time this idea was initiated at the end of last year, when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the meeting to support the automotive industry in Naberezhnye Chelny stated that the state is considering subsidies in 2009, interest rates on loans to citizens to buy cars costing up to 350 thousand rubles |of Course, we are talking about the vehicles produced in the territory of Russia and relating to the segment of mass demand|, said Century. Putin. However, already in the beginning of 2009 all brands, including Russian, has raised prices by at least 15%, most cost |cheap| cars increased by 30-50 thousand rubles and approached the milestone of 300 thousand rubles (Renault Logan, Lada Priora and others), whereas throughout the year prices will only continue to grow. As a result, the Ministry decided to establish a list of specific models on which it is prepared to provide subsidized credit. Moreover, it seems, is about the most different models of cars gathered on the territory of Russia in the top trim they reach a value of up to 700 thousand rubles.In the list was the entire range of AVTOVAZ, purely Russian model Chevy Niva and UAZ Hunter as well as |nagamaki| as: Fiat Albea, Kia Spectra, Renault Logan and Skoda Fabia. Also there were the Volkswagen Jetta and Ford Focus, which, according to officials, have the potential to reduce rates when installed less powerful engines and the introduction of special sales. At the same time to talk about what measures aimed at strengthening the Russian automakers not quite true: not listed car GAZ Siber, which, in the opinion of the Ministry of industry and trade has the potential to reduce the cost.In reality this should mean that the buyer of a new car will pay the full cost of the car, but will save on the payments on the loan. Another thing is that the actual loan at 13% and without initial fee now to get unreal. Prepare for what you will require 30% down payment, and credit will be given in the best case, at 18-20% per annum. The subsidized loan is especially of great benefit in the current year will bring unlikely. Despite |government discount| per annum 8% of the total rates remain very high. On average, Russian commercial banks offer a loan to buy a car in US dollars at the rate of 14% in rubles at the rate of 30%. When buying a car 350 000 rubles savings can be only of the order of 30 000 rubles. In times of crisis it is a fairly small amount. Not bring much benefit to it and automakers. According to experts, the money will be enough for 75 thousand cars. This is an annual sales volume of cars in the medium price range, and only the tenth part of the annual volume such as giant AVTOVAZ (700 thousand cars per year). Therefore, another novelty for now, rather, should be regarded as a good PR move by the Russian government to support the new Russian automotive industry:cnelbz.ru25.02.2009.

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