General Motors is preparing a serial hybrid SUV

General Motors is preparing a serial hybrid SUVAt the international motor show in Los Angeles, the President of General Motors Rick Wagoner presented the concept car Saturn Vue Green Line, built by the new hybrid technology, called `plug-in hybrid`. It is expected that the production version will appear in dealerships in 2009 and will be different from the usual Saturn Vue lower fuel consumption.Another interesting feature of the SUV Saturn Vue Green Line - the ability to move only with the help of electric motors, in this case, the power reserve will last for 17 miles. Well, in the case of joint work, gasoline engine and two electric motors, consumption, 3.6-liter V6 will be less than 2 times than the most economical car of this class, at least, so say the representatives of GM.It is also worth to emphasize that the electric motors installed on the Saturn Vue Green Line can also perform the role of traction motors, generators or even variable-speed drives, however, they actively interact with the automatic transmission. This unusual complex transmission, developed by engineers at General Motors in cooperation with specialists from DaimlerChrysler and BMW, can be installed on any car, instead of the usual `machine`

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