Nissan has introduced a new Teana

Nissan has introduced a new TeanaNissan unveiled at the motor show in Beijing models of the new generation Teana. Moreover, the Japanese place great emphasis on the fact that journalists wrote it `a new generation` - many people believe that Nissan brought only upgraded model.It should be noted that Teana was first presented in Beijing. According to Carlos Ghosn, the head of Nissan, this proves once again that the Chinese automotive market as a priority for the company Nissan. However, it is important for us not how Nissan refers to China, and that this Teana will be assembled at a new plant in St. Petersburg, which is currently under construction.Under the hood Teana will put three of the motor. The base will be a 2.0-liter unit. Who is this little Nissan offers `six` has a volume of 2.5 l and 3.0 l currently, the representatives of the Nissan refuse to tell when the new Teana will go to Russia. But it is possible that the sale we will begin at the end of this

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