Japanese cars profitable

Japanese cars profitableRespected American institution Harbour-Felax Group has conducted a very interesting study, according to the results, the highest profit per sold car get a Japanese car company. So Toyota Motor Corporation and corporations Honda Motor and Nissan Motor generally get for cars sold in the U.S. market for 2 $ 400 more than their competitors that General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Group.American manufacturers are already working on the restructuring of its business, which may help them to catch up with the Japanese for a few years. So it is planned to reduce the bulk of the costs by the unification of units and reducing the number of platforms, which in turn will help to reduce the cost of maintenance. For example, the cost of warranty service Toyota will cost an average of 348 dollars, while cars General Motors - 512 dollars.auto.km.ru10.12.2006.

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