BMW will make electric

BMW will make electricBMW is working on the creation of this serial electric vehicle that can be recharged from a regular outlet. According to representatives of BMW, they continue to believe in the future of hydrogen as the fuel of the future, however, it was decided to concentrate efforts on electric vehicles.It is not excluded that the first electric car to hit the market in 2009 (possibly, this machine will get all the same hybrid engine - electric motor, with the possibility of charging from a wall outlet, will in this case be paired with a gasoline power unit). Moreover, to produce it will not start under the brand BMW, and under some new brand. Recall that earlier it was reported that BMW is going to come up with a brand not only for electric vehicles, but also for small urban cars. Read more about this you can read in the material `BMW will create a new brand for a plate`.auto.mail.ru04.02.2008.

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