The car for $2500 already on the conveyor

The car for $2500 already on the conveyorWhen in January of this year, the Indian company Tata presented their new car called the Nano, no one believed. Not sure what Tata will sell this car for $2500 - this price was initially declared by the leaders of the company. But then Nano showed at the Geneva motor show. Leaders Tata again they said that the car will cost $2500. And again no one believed.But the Indians didn't care. They strenuously tested the car in India (one Nano even filmed on a mobile phone camera). But now there is the first evidence that Nano will soon appear on sale - this model is already in the pipeline! So far, however, Tata manufactures the equipment. And all goes to the fact that the first Nano will go on sale in October this year!The engine of Tata Nano hides the motor displacement of 624 `cube`, which gives 33 HP (he is paired with a 4-speed `mechanics`). In the basic version of the car will not do anything familiar to us `bells and whistles`. The easiest Nano will not get even a ventilation system (not air-conditioned, namely ventilation). The cabin will only steering wheel, pedals and

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