Director General of "KAMAZ" wants to become the head of AVTOVAZ

Director General of General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin decided to head Volga automobile plant. This is with reference to a source close to the "KAMAZ", reports "Kommersant". As expected, about your decision too will announce this week after returning from vacation.According to experts, in this case, two of the largest automotive companies in Russia may receive a single management structure, which will have to lead just the current Director General of "KAMAZ". However, this option should be subject to the approval of the shareholders of the two plants, and to obtain the approval of the government and the Ministry of economic development.According to other information, too can lead the management company AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ factory will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors, which now occupies the head of the Ministry of industry and energy Viktor Khristenko. In this case, the Director of KAMAZ can lead the Volga automobile plant in late November in the framework of the regular Board of Directors of the company.Meanwhile, representatives of the factories have so far refused to comment on the possible transition Kogogin. At AVTOVAZ this information is called the rumors, and KAMAZ reported that the final decision on this issue "still pending".According to experts, the emergence of the Volga automobile plant a new CEO can have ambiguous consequences for the enterprise. Some experts believe that the coming Kogogin will entail new personnel changes, as well as the revision of the sales policy of the plant. In addition, the new leadership may freeze the negotiations AVTOVAZ with foreign companies. Recall now that Volzhsky automobile plant is trying to establish a partnership with Renault and the Austrian company

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