Sold the most expensive car in the world

Sold the most expensive car in the world Installed, seems to be an absolute record the value of the car. In the UK is unknown until the buyer gave at auction for racing coupe Ferrari 250 GTO as many as 20 000 000 euros! Yes, twenty million euros, at current exchange rate is almost $29 000 000!It should be noted that this machine is really unique. In 60-ies of the last century for one of the 250 GTO was asked for as much as $18 000. In total we collected 39 such machines, and to buy a car could only those who personally knew Enzo Ferrari. It is believed that 250 GTO is the best sports car in the world, which only money can buy. This machine has it all - beauty, style, image. And, most importantly, due to the small weight and 300-horsepower V12 it gives the thrill of riding at high speed. Although there are very serious doubts that the buyer, who gave over 250 GTO amount of 20 000 000 euros, will drive it on the

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